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Maternity Leave Rules

Maternity Leave 180 Days for Women Employees:

Employees, Teachers Maternity Leave Pregnancy Leave for Govt Employees 180 Days with Full pay Complete.

Concept: Leave granted to female married Govt. servant having less than 2 surviving children.

             (G.O.Ms.No.348,F&P(FWFR.I), Dt.05.11.77, G.O.Ms.No.219,F&P(FWFR.I), Dt.25.06.84,

              G.O.Ms.No.38, F&P, Dt.18.03.92)
Authority: F.R. 101
Admissibility: Temp. / Permanent
Period: 180 days G.O.Ms.No.152,Fin(FR.I),Dt.04.05.10
Availment: (prior to the date of delivery)* or after delivery , Can be combined with other leave with MC
Leave Salary: Full Pay + All allowances
Sanctioning Authority: H.O.O./ as delegated 


Lr.No.853/FR-2/2012 Finance Dated 22.1.2013 Increments during Maternity Leave:

As per the Letter the Director of School Education has clarified that the clarification given in the Memo.49463-A/2111/FR.III/74-1, Dated 6.10.1974 of Finance Department should be followed in terms of awarding Increments while in Maternity Leave also.

An Employee during leave, draws leave salary and not duty pay. An increment accruing during the leave cannot, therefore, be drawn during leave. The increment in such cases will be drawn from the date of resumption of duty on return from leave. As the Maternity leave is on par with E.L. the clarification shall apply in case of Maternity Leave also.

G.O. 152, Dated: 04.05.2010 – Maternity Leave 180 Days to State Govt. women employees:

Government accepted the recommendations of the PRC 2010 and ordered that the Maternity leave on full pay to married women employees of State Government is enhanced from 120 days to 180 days on par with the employees of the Govt. of India subject to the condition that it shall be granted to those with less than two surviving children only.

G.O.Ms.No. 463, Dated: 04.05.1979 – Maternity Leave Rules during summer vacation:

The government after careful consideration direct that the female teachers working in educational institutions under local bodies i.e., Zilla parishads, Panchayat Samithis and Municipal Councils and Aided Managements, shall also be granted Maternity Leave for a period of 90 days from the date of its commencement the period being regulated as follows;

  • If it falls during the working period of the school year, 90 days may be sanctioned as Maternity Leave.

  • If it falls during the vacation period 90 days leave may be granted subject to the condition that after enjoying the vacation the residuary period if any , shall be treated as Maternity Leave subject to a maximum of 3 months.

G.O.38, Dated: 18.03.1992 and G.O. 37, Dated: 26.02.1996 – Maternity Leave upto two children irrespective of the No. of children born in the 2nd confinement.

As per GO.38 Govt has ordered that the Maternity Leave in cases of confinement shall be granted to female government servant with less than two children.

As per GO.37 Govt has clarified that "If only one child born out of earlier deliveries, is alive the female Government servant is eligible for the grant of Maternity Leave for subsequent confinement. It is, therefore clarified that irrespective of the facts that whether a single child was born or Twins were born on the second or subsequent confinements a female Government servant shall be eligible for the grant of Maternity Leave, if only one child born earlier - is alive.

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