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Online Pension Application

             The DTA has developed an I.T. application for preparation and submission of pension papers by the retiring employee/ dependents and process them by respective processing and sanctioning authorities duly integrating them with existing HRMS package. The proposed system has the following advantages:

  1. SMS alerts to all the employees retiring in next 6 months reminding them to submit pension proposals.

  2. The Part-I format of application is made available at Cyber treasury portal and Part-II is made available at the D.D.O. request option of the HRMS portal.

  3. Data available in HRMS will be linked so as the data entry can be minimized.

  4. Office level work-flow is embedded.

  5. Electronic data can be shared with AG/District Audit Officers, if they are ready to integrate with this application.

  6. Integration with A.G./ D.T.A. can be made to fetch the data on issue of PPOs/GPOs/CVPs.

  7. Integration with existing Pension Payment system so as to eliminate data entry at Treasuries.

  8. Eliminates scope for submission of pension proposals in the name of bogus/ineligible persons as it is linked with HRMS.

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