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Paternity Leave Rules

           Paternity Leave for Govt Employees when his wife has delivered the baby 15 Days. Paternity Leave on Full Pay to Male State Government Employees. Paternity Leave (PL) is a kind of Leave sanctioned to Male State Government Married Employees Teachers to care for his Infant (Baby). This Paternity Leave allows and remembers the Fathers, that they also have the responsibility towards their New Born Baby. AP State Govt Employees permitted to avail the Paternity Leave since 2005, vide GO.Ms.No.231 Dated 16.9.2005. Paternity Leave either can be availed 15 days before of Delivery or with in a period of 6 Months from the date of delivery.

Concept: Leave granted to male married Govt. servant having less than 2 surviving children to take care of his wife.

Period  : 15 days
Authority: G.O.Ms.No.231,Fin(FR.I), Dt.16.09.05.
Admissibility: Temp./permanent employees
Availment:      1.Prior to date of delivery

2.below 6 months after date of delivery on production of MC (Memo No.20129-C/454/FR I/2010,Fin,Dt21.07.10)

Effect: counts for increment/pension
Leave salary: on full pay
Sanctioning Authority: as delegated.

  1. This provision has been introduced vide G.O.Ms.No:231,Fin. (FR.I) Dept., dt; 16.09.2005. to be granted to married male permanent or temporary Government Employees having one surviving children.

  2. Leave to be granted for a period of 15 days on full pay.

  3. Leave sanctioning authority is competent to sanction the leave.

  4. As per Cir.Memo.No.20129, Married male Govt. employees can be availed either before 15 days or within a period of 6 months from the date of delivery

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