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Study Leave Rules

Concept: Leave granted for the study of Scientific, technical or similar problems or to undergo special courses of

Authority: FR 84
Admissibility: For permanent Gazetted employees of min 5 years of service and 3 yrs of left over service . Very

                    exceptional for NGOs.
Availment: i) May be granted for 12 months at a time and 2 years in entire service.
               ii) May be combined with other leave.
Effect: counts for increment, pension
Sanctioning Authority: Govt. Only
Limitations: If it is combined with leave with allowances, the period of leave should not exceed 28 months.
Leave salary: Salary on half pay 

Only First generation scheduled caste and scheduled tribe candidates in employment and non-gazetted categorise are study shall be two years or less according to for payment of full salary without loss of leave ( for more detail G.O No. 342, Dated 30.08.1977

Study Leave for Employees Details


  1. Leave is granted by Government only.

  2. For the study of Scientific, Technical studies for the use of department to reduce the similar problems in dept. are to undergo special courses of instructions.

  3. Government servant of less than 5 years service and due to retire within 3 years are not eligible for sanction of leave.

  4. Leave should not exceed 2 years in entire service.

  5. If it is combined with leave with allowances the period of leave should not exceed 28 months.

  6. This leave is not debited against the leave account.

  7. E.O.L. may be taken in combination of this leave without any limit.

  8. The employee will draw leave salary on half pay during Study leave.

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